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Fixed frequency pulse magnetron.

Operating frequency

9415 to 9460


Typical peak output power




no.16 waveguide

(22.86 x 10.16 mm internal)




UG-40B/U (NATO S.N. 5985-99-083-0051)



indirectly heated

Heater voltage (see note 1)



Heater current at 6.3V



Cathode pre-heating time
(see note 2)



Heater starting current, peak value,
not to be exceeded


A max


Overall dimensions

see outline


1.5 kg approx

Mounting position



natural or forced-air

A minimum clearance of 50 mm must be maintained between
the magnetron and any magnetic materials.


1. With no anode input power. For average values of pulse input power greater than
40 W, the heater voltage must be reduced within 3 seconds after the application of
h.t. according to the following schedule:
Vh = 0.08 (110 - Pi) volts
where Pi = average input power in watts.
The magnetron heater must be protected against arcing by the use of a minimum
capacitance of 4000 pF shunted across the heater directly at the input terminals;
in some cases a capacitance as high as 2 mF may be necessary depending
on the equipment design. For further details see the Magnetron Preamble.

2. For ambient temperatures above 0℃. For ambient temperatures between 0 and
-55 ℃ the cathode pre-heating time is 90 seconds.


OUTLINE (All dimensions without limits are nominal)

Outline Notes
1. Recommended direction of air flow if required.
2. Anode temperature measured at this point.
3. With surface A resting on a flat surface plate, a feeler gauge 0.51 mm thick and 3.18 mm
wide will not enter more than 3.18 mm at any point.
4. Surface A and interior surfaces of the waveguide will be plated with 1.55 mg/cm2 of gold or
4.65 mg/cm2 of silver, but will not be plated if the parts are made of monel or equivalent corrosion
All other metal surfaces will be painted with heat resistant paint or otherwise treated to prevent
5. Reference plane C intersects plane B at the centre of the mounting plate hole as shown and
is mutually perpendicular to reference planes A and B.
6. These holes will lie within 0.127 mm of the indicated centres. A cylinder of 8.38 mm
diameter and centred on these holes will clear the side of the magnet.
7. The position of the waveguide hole is not specified on this drawing since tubes are tested
and used with coupler UG-40B/U (NATO S.N. 5985-99-083-0051).
8. The centre of this hole will lie within 0.102 mm of reference plane C.
9. Reference plane B passes through the centres of the two holes of the mounting plate as
shown and is perpendicular to reference plane A.
10. The north seeking pole of the magnet will be adjacent to the cathode sidearm.
11. Length of flying leads measured from the centre line of the anode block.3

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