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The 8m KUM850 and KUM803 are one of the most popular marine HF antennas used for
commercial and fishing applications due to the sturdy construction and excellent performance.
The KUM1200 is a rugged self-supporting antenna whip with 2000W max. power.
KUM850: 2-section for mast mounting
KUM803: 3-section for mast mounting
KUM1200: 3-section for deck mounting

KUM803-1 or KUM850-1
With connection box for use when using coaxial cable.

KUM803-2 or KUM850-2
With connection transformer box for receiving purpose only. The transformer is recommended
if the antenna is used at low frequencies (0.15-30MHz) or when long cable feeding is necessary.

All the different KUM803 types are now also available in a deckmount version.

선박용 HF/SSB 안테나 입니다.

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