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Four different 7m (22’) HF antennas. These HF/SBB antennas provide an efficient balance
between length and performance:
KUM700: 2 section for mast mounting
KUM703: 3 section for mast mounting
KUM701: 2 section for mounting directly on 1”-14 threaded mounts.
KUM731: 3 section for mounting directly on 1”-14 threaded mounts.

KUM700-1 or KUM703-1
With connection box for use when using coaxial cable.

KUM700-2 or KUM703-2
With connection transformer box for receiving purpose only.
The transformer is recommended if the antenna is used at low frequencies (0.15-30MHz) or
when long cable feeding is necessary.

Similar to KUM701, but with extra strong/thicker dimension fibreglass.
KUM761 is also available as deckmount (similar to KUM803DM and KUM903DM).

Mounting hardware available as option:
For mast mounting: N070F, N075F, N080F, N085F and N090F (see page 26 for details)
Note: Two clamps required for each antenna.For KUM701and KUM731 a N200F upper
support is required.

The connection boxes can be purchased separately as follows:
K483F: Connection box
K493F: Connection Transformer box

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