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  1. 2011.08.16 :: HF/SSB KUM600 KUM601 KUM603
Marine Antenna/HF/SSB Antenna 2011. 8. 16. 14:14

A 6m HF antenna as an alternative to the KUM480/481 and KUM700/701/703/731.

The KUM600 and KUM601 are 2-section antennas, where the KUM603 is a 3-section
antenna, which makes transportation easier. KUM600 and KUM603 are for mast mounting
and KUM601 for mounting directly on 1”-14 threaded mounts.

KUM600-1 or KUM603-1
With connection box for use when using coaxial cable.

KUM600-2 or KUM603-2
With connection transformer box for receiving purpose only.
The transformer is recommended if the antenna is used at low frequencies
(0.15-30MHz) or when long cable feeding is necessary.

KUM601 can also be delivered with connection box or connection transformer
box on request.


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