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()얼라이드이파트는 하틀란드 디스플레이(Hatteland Display)사의 한국 총판이며

선박용(해상용) 모니터, 산업용 모니터, 선박용(해상용) 컴퓨터, 산업용 컴퓨터

를 취급하고 있으며, 군에 들어가는 스펙을 만족하는 밀타입(MIL-Type) 제품 및

다양한 사이즈의 모니터, 컴퓨터를 취급하고 있으니 제품문의는 sales@aeparts.kr

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HM 20T07 NMD 



The Naval Multi Display (NMD) is engineered to provide high-quality video and graphics display performance even when subjected to the most severe environmental conditions encountered in Naval installations.

 TFT technology
 a-Si TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix, Optical Bonding Technology
 Viewable size and active area
 20.1 inch - 408.00 [16.06’’] (H) x 306.00 [12.05’’] (V) mm [inch]
 native Resolution and pixel pitch
 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) - 0.255 (H) x 0.255 (V) mm
 aspect Ratio and Response time
 4:3 - 20ms (typ)
 Light intensity and contrast Ratio
 250 cd/m² (typ) - 500:1 (typ)
 View angle / Max colors
 88 deg. (up/down/left/right) - 16.7 million

 Synchronization signal auto-detect
 Digital Separate Sync., Composite Sync., Sync. On Green

 Synchronization Range
 15.0 kHz to 75 kHz (H) - 56 Hz to 75 Hz (V)

Optimal Resolution and Hz
 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz

 Detectable Resolutions
 640 x 350, 640 x 480, 720 x 400, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024,
 1600 x 1200

Composite Video input(s)

 Supported Video signals

 Product features
 Front Bonded, Qualified for shock, vibration & EMI, Adaptable to
 19 inch racks or consoles, Fully adjustable backlight (0-100%), Serial Communication (SCOM)

 Interface, Lockable handles, Suitable for bridge or below decks

 Power specications and consumption
 115/230VAC - 50/60/400Hz or 24/28VDC - 75W (typ) - 100W (max) Inrush Current:
 10A for 115VAC, Max. @ 25.0°C / 77.0°F
 10A for 24/28VDC, Max. @ 25.0°C / 77.0°F

 User controls and activity
 BIT Function Button, INV Alarm Indicator LED,
 Power On/Off Button, On Screen Display control (OSD/OSM) button, Up/Down OSD 

 Navigation / Hotkey Set #1 Buttons,
 +/- Brightness Backlight Control, Backlight Illuminated Buttons

 • DVI IN: 1 x DVI-I 29P (female) or configurable as
    VGA IN: 1 x HD D-SUB 15P (female) via Adapter
 • VGA IN: 5 x BNC J01(R)+J03(G)+J05(B)+J07(H)+J08(V)
 • RGB OUT: 3 x BNC J02(R)+J04(G)+J06(B)
 • If AC Power IN: 1 x Circular MIL P/N: AMP - MS27468T9F98P
 • If DC Power IN: 1 x Circular MIL P/N: AMP - MS27468T15F5P
 • Grounding: 1 x M4 Internal Screw Thread
 • Combined Touch / SCOM+BIT Interface: 1 x D-SUB 9P (female)

 Product Dimensions and Weight
 W:482.00 [18.98’’] x H:399.00 [15.71’’] x D:95.00 [3.74’’] mm [inch]
 9U Rack size in height. Approx 12kg / 26lbs

 Product carton size and Weight
 L:650.00 [25.59’’] x W:280.00 [11.02’’] x H:600.00 [23.62’’] mm [inch]
 15.0kg / 33.0lbs

 Factory options
 • 24/28VDC Power Input Model
 • Resistive Touchscreen 8 wire
 • Color Calibrated models (ECDIS)

 External 10 foot (3.0m) AC power cable NEMA (Halogen Free), External 10 foot (3.0m) AC power 

 cable Europe (Halogen Free), External 10 foot (3.0m) DC power cable (Halogen Free)

 Capabilities / prepared for

 Operating temperature
 AC: -15.0°C / 5.0°F to 55.0°C / 131.0°F
 DC: -15.0°C / 5.0°F to 55.0°C / 131.0°F (Mil-Std 810F)

 Storage temperature
 Dry Heat: 70.0°C / 158.0°F (MIL-STD-810F) Cold: -40.0°C / -40.0°F (MIL-STD-810F)

 Ip Rating

 Compass safe Distance

 Type approval, testing and certicates
 IEC 60945 4th (EN 60945:2002), IACS E10
 MIL Testing Summary:
 Humidity: 95% at 40.0°C / 104.0°F (MIL-STD-810F)

 Shock: 60g / 11ms (IEC 60068-2-27 (1987),Test Ea)

 Grade A Shock: Class 1 (hard-mounted) (MIL-S-901D)
 Transient Shock: 2-280 Hz, Designed to envelope a half sine shock pulse of 50g / 35ms (IEC 

 60068-2-57 (1999-11), Test Ff)
 Rain (drip proof): MIL-STD-810F - Console mounted
 Salt Fog: MIL-STD-810F
 Vibration Testing: MIL-STD-167-1
 EMI Testing: MIL-STD 461E 1999, CE 101, CE 102, CS 101, CS 114, CS 116, RE 101, RE 102,

RS 101,RS 103


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