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S.701 Marine Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) was the first SART that can be shipped as NON-HAZARDOUS goods, and is approved to EU MED ‘Wheelmark’ and the FCC. (It has also received local approval in many countries.)

SARTs form a vital part of the mandatory safety systems applied worldwide to commercial vessels as part of the GMDSS, and are now required equipment for liferafts on Ro-Ro ferries. They are standard equipment on many ocean racing yachts, and are also now being fitted voluntarily to private yachts and other leisure craft.

[ S.701 SART GMDSS ]

  • The S.701 SART from SevenStar Electronics Ltd is the
    result of many years experience in the specification,
    design, manufacture and use of SARTs and related
    marine safety equipment.
    It brings together the ultimate in high-
    design and modern manufacturing techniques.
  • It produces an instantly recognisable “12 dot” radar
    to alert & direct passing vessels and aircraft.
  • It is EU MED ‘Wheelmark’ and FCC approved, and has
    specifically designed with liferafts and yacht
    ‘grab-bags’ in mind,
    as well as conventional SOLAS
    ‘carry-off’ use. It is capable of
    auto activation in
    liferaft installations, and is the slimmest
    available today (<40mm).
  • Its exceptionally low power consumption makes it the first
    SART that can be shipped globally as non-hazardous goods-
    safer, cheaper and much easier to ship, deploy and stock.
  • Its unique digital design brings new levels of sophistication,
    with guaranteed lifetime performance, reduced component count and increased reliability.

 • EU MED ‘Wheelmark’ and FCC/USCG approved.
 • Designed for SOLAS ‘carry-off’ and integrated life-raft and yacht grab-bag applications.
 • Ultra-slim (only 40mm thick!), light-weight, automatic or manual activation.
 • S.701 – C/O model includes mounting bracket, 10m buoyant tether and mounting straps.
 • Specify S.701- L/R model for liferaft/yacht fit.
 • Telescopic mounting pole option S.701MP.
 • Frequency range: X-band, 9.2 to 9.5 GHz.
 • Spec: IEC 1097-1 1992, IEC 90645, IMO 694(17).
 • Complies with Marine Equipment Directive and USCG/FCC requirements.
 • Non-Hazardous Battery: type SevenStar S.701B.(Replace every 5 years)
 • Tx power: > 400mW (+26 dBm).
 • Rx sensitivity: better than –50 dBm.
 • Operating life: greater than 96 hours in Standby mode, AND greater than 8 hours in Active mode transmitting (at 1 kHz rate).
 • Body in high visibility yellow to BS4800/10E53.
 • Indication: High-brightness LED on front face.
 • Temp range: Operating: -20/+55 degC.
 • Temp range: Storage: -30/+70 degC.
 • Waterproof to 10 metres.
 • SART Size: 332 x 80 x 40 mm. (13.1” x 3.2” x 1.6”)
 • Weight: 390 gm (excl bracket)
 • Carton dimensions (incl bracket): 420 x 120 x 100 mm




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